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High efficient and reliable solutions for consumer packaging

In-mold Labeling Solutions

Basic In-mold Labeling Automation

The SPARK IML robot is the Pagès response from small to medium production requiring very fast time to market and limited investment. Based on a standard design, this robot range suits all productions for tubs & lids, from 1 to 6 cavities – with IML or for take-out only.

Essential functionalities
Up to 280T IMM
From 1 to 6 cavity
Easy setup
Fast delivery
IML or Take-out only
Various options available
Learn why we created SPARK

Versatile In-mold Labeling Automation

Based on a modular construction, the Polyflex IML robot is a versatile automation, allowing a wide variety of different products to be manufactured on one IML injection molding cell.

Modular robot
Up to 450T IMM
Whatever IML shape
Quick change parts
Inside gated / Outside gated
Convenient accessibility and easy settings
Remote support
Rental possible on demand for pilot phase or pre-series productions
IML or Take-out only
See how Polyflex works

Dedicated In-mold Labeling Automation

The Pagès IML robot offer high end performance and is designed to meet the highest demanding expectations.We offer complete production line, with state of the art downstream automation solutions such as integrated vision inspection, pick & place stacking, case packing and more. And for a wide range of products.

From low to high cavitation
Single face or stack mold
Complex product shapes
Taylor-made automation
Convenient accessibility and easy settings
Complete downstream equipment available
Remote support
IML or Take-out only
Discover our fully dedicated IML solutions

Takeout Robots

Learn how Pagès develop new material to improve efficiency

Fast cycle time is key in the packaging industry, therefore we provide high speed take out side-entry robot from small to large system, enabling high output.
Automation for single face or stack mold with fast intrusion time.
It is possible to make it IML ready for future upgrade. Downstream is available to maximize production efficiency.

Available for :
Injection Molding

Downstream Automation

Vision control
Pick & place
Leakage control
UV sterilization
Auto packing into / onto pallet
Box forming machine integration
Bag inserter
Un-packer / packer
to feed Offset printing machine

Downstream Automation

Because we want to give more to your projet we provide a full range of downstream automation. We have expertise and extensive experience in downstream process.



Pick & Place

Labeller & Taping Systems

Box Packing

Vision Control
UV Vision Inspection

Metal Detection

Leakage Control

UV Sterilization

Laminar Flow


Feeding System

Bag Inserter

Part Cooling

Inkjet Printing

Laser Printing

Hinge Closing Systems

Integrated Cutting Tools

Heating & Ultrasonic Welding

Product Know-how

Food & Beverages

During the past decades we have been designing systems for a wide range of food containers. We gathered experience on many customized shapes, from simple to complex one. 1-side 3-sides, 5-sides, single labels to multi labels on one product.
We help you to realize your designs for stand out packaging.


Except the stunning look of IML, this technology add some technical benefices, such as scratch and moisture resistance for high durability. That will allow you to reap the full benefits of IML technology for the production of your shelf appeal containers.


We know the importance of packaging in cosmetics and healthcare industry. Attractive look makes the difference is this High-end market. First impression really matters and In-mold labeling provides beautiful and eye-catching packaging using for example metallic labels.

Personal care

Functional packaging designs are a clever way to increase the value of any product and the overall customer experience. By incorporating alternative uses into packaging designs, whether related to the product or not, brands can improve product interaction so that the experience is naturalistic and unobtrusive.

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